This technique aims to study and precisely define the shape, dimensions and/or position in space of an object, through the data obtained from one or several photographs.

Consulting in the MTZ
(Maritime Terrestrial Zone)

We provide comprehensive solutions for properties in the Maritime Terrestrial Zone or with portions in it.

Get the most out of your ocean view properties.


Residential appraisals, calculation of the total value of a property through the collection and analysis of land and construction data.


We have extensive experience in construction projects and civil works.

Town planning

Our urban planning services focus on advice, consultancy, reporting, legal assistance in administrative proceedings and the management of contentious processes in urban matters.

Level Curves and earthworks

We take care of designing terraces, calculating and optimizing the amount of earth to be moved for your project.

Find us and save time and money with the best planning for your work.


We advise on cadastral and registration issues.

If you have doubts about the situation of your real estate Call us!